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i feel like dollhouse scale gets more/nicer stuff than playscale and playscale furniture is harder to find in the first place nnnnuuuuuuurgh

Hugs for the playscale lovers!  I think it doesn’t get the love as much because a) it takes up more space and b)Because its the Barbie scale its seen as more for playing and less for collecting (which is bs).

Anyways, I thought I’d put up some playscale resources for you all.

Regent Miniatures:  If you haven’t been following some of the projects they’ve been doing, you’ve been missing out.  Definitely proves that playscale is not just for kids.

Mini Treasures Wiki Page:  Lots of links to explore.

ELF Miniatures:  They do modern furniture, kitchens, and bathrooms in a variety of scales.

Playscale Minis:  A shop specializing in playscale accesories.

The one advantage playscale does have is that there is a ton of mass produced furniture out there at things like garage sales, just waiting for you to customize it.  This is a great basic tutorial on spray painting it. 

Also, don’t be afraid to adapt 1:12 tutorials to playscale.  In most cases, you can just double the measurements.

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