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sass-rx asked: Hi There! What would you recommend as a first dollhouse for someone who's never built one? I was looking at the Greenleaf Fairfield, but I'm a little lost as to the 1/12 vs. 1/24 scale. The Fairfield is a 1/2 inch scale...would that be much harder to assemble? I have been into crafting/arts my whole life so I have some prior experience creating little things, but I don't want to get in over my head. Would really appreciate your advice!! Thanks :)

Good questions!

First, lets tackle 1/12 vs 1/24.  1/12 means that 1” in scale represents 12” (or 1’) in real life.  1/24 means that 1” in scale represents 24” (or 2’) in real life.  Its called half-scale (or 1/2) because everything in 1/24 is half the size of things in 1/12 scale (which is often seen as the standard scale).  Each has its own advantages/disadvantages.  People like 1/24 because it can take up less space, cost slightly less sometimes in materials, and provide a challenge when it comes to detail.  1/12 is more commonly and commercially  available and allows for more detail.  Joanne’s Mini’s has created a great playlist on all her videos on scale which might help you out more.

As for Greenleaf houses, I can’t knock them because I have three of them and I love them.  They are made from pressboard which makes them lighter and cheaper than most.  It also makes them slightly harder to assemble unless you already have some experience working with wood/glue/sandpaper.  The thinner wood tends to splinter easier.  They also take slightly more rigging because their slot/tab construction isn’t always as tight as it should be.  Finished right, they are beautiful dollhouses but it takes a little extra effort.  They do have a new laser cut line that I haven’t tried out yet that might be easier though.

The other large dollhouse maker is Real Good Toys (RGT).  Their houses are made from MDF, so they tend to be heavier and more expensive.  However, they are easier to put together.  Also, they are mostly compatible with Houseworks lines of windows and doors, so it can be easier to customize the look of your house.  Their Liliput and Junior lines are pretty straightforward to build.

Finally, my last bit of advice is to try and start off with something that fairly architecturally simple.  The more towers/bays/wings/porches the more complicated the build.  Not just in terms of actually assembling it, but also in terms of wiring (if you choose to) and doing things like wall papers and floors.

If I had to suggest first dollhouse kits, I like the Greenleaf Arthur (fairly cheap and pretty straight forward to build) or the RGT Victorian Cottage.

Hope this is helpful!

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