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Oriental Collectors Room

Of all the roomboxes that were stored in my parents basement, this is the only one the survived and even it was in bad shape.  I’ve spent a month or so trying to restore it best I can. 

My original inspiration was the set of Chinoiserie furniture found at Big Lots.  At the time, I already had a bit of a love affair with all things Asian (I had yet to learn about things like colonialism and cultural appropriation).  I already had the tea set (from the Japan Pavilion at Epcot.  I didn’t want to just mix Japanese and Chinese because it seemed inaccurate.   So I conceived of a diplomat who had traveled the orient.  In the traditional sense, this meant the East or basically all of Asia.  So there are things, from the middle east (the soapstone carved table and rug), India (the elephants), China (the furniture) and Japan (the tea set, the small pagoda, and the koi “kite”).

All the jars and vases are mocked up from beads.  One of the lamps is a painted ping-pong ball and the other is bead.  The umbrella is one of those cocktail ones.  The monkey “idol’ is also a cocktail decoration glued to a brass tray and dressed up with some beads.  The large wooden elephant is an earring and the small one is actually bead.  The terrarium is a dollar store find. The large tapestry is actually a piece of wallpaper and the smaller wall scrolls are cut out of a catalog.  The soapstone table is actually a trinket box. 

When I found it, the room was a little warped and the wallpaper was a bit crinkled. The only things missing were the carpet, one of the yellow “glass” vases, and the tea cup from the tea set.  The carpet here is a new one printed off the internet (and I like it better than the old one anyway).  However, I am really sad about the tea cup.  I’m hoping it may turn up one day.


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